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Religious Wedding

Catholic Ceremony

It is a ceremony performed by a priest in a Catholic Church or Chapel recognized by the Holy Church and the Vatican. It is valid worldwide among Catholics. This religious marriage is one of the most important rituals of the Catholic Church, as it is believed that couples married before God having their guests as witnesses. For you to be able to marry through a Catholic ceremony it is important to fulfil the requirements the Catholic Church has established.

Christian Ceremony

Christian marriage can be officiated anywhere as long as there is a pastor. The ritual of Christian marriage can only be performed if the couple is truly a devoted Christian and meet the requirements establish by their church.

Jewish ceremony

The Jewish wedding is one of the oldest ceremonies as it is; for Jewish people marriage is an ideal and a duty as well. The Jewish ceremony is officiated by a rabbi who recites the sacred texts. Jewish weddings have restrictions as to perform nuptials during certain days of the year including Sabbaths (weddings on Saturdays should be held after sunset). If one of the spouses does not belong to the Jewish faith it is necessary to go through a different process as well as ceremony.