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:: Quality Standards

Los Sueños is a quality certification and transaction insurance for vendors and coordinators as well as for clients that buy through us, supported by a web system to manage the events.

Quality Standards



The partner vendors are carefully selected taking into account their resume, quality of their products and their customer service.

Once a vendor qualifies and joins, they are evaluated on a regular basis to remain with Los Sueños. Some of our quality controls include:


  • Evaluations of their costumer service
  • Management of prices and quotes to our clients
  • Assessment of the quality of services
  • Examinations of the service execution
  • Surveys by the clients


To remain with Los Sueños, the vendors have to maintain qualifications of Excellency.



The coordinators that use our tool and that are in our database have to be approved by Los Sueños, taking into account their resume, years of experience, personal references and degrees. In order to be a part of Los Sueños, it is mandatory they have the proper certifications.

As with the vendors, coordinators are evaluated on a regular basis and must maintain qualifications of Excellency.




All our customers are supervised and guided from the beginning to the end of their event.




At Los Sueños we strive to create a culture that reflects diversity among our clients by requiring our associates understand, accept and respect the difference between people. Everybody is welcome with us and discrimination is forbidden whether it be by race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, gender or gender identity.



At Los Sueños we encourage ecological consciousness through our green practices. We promote vendors with ecological consciousness and green practices such as ours: hand made products, recycling, reuse of materials for decoration in events, organic table clothes, proper cooking grease disposal, composting, led lighting, energy efficient and green venues, sustainable offices among others.