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Elopement is a very small and private wedding for couples who prefer to spend a romantic time on their own to celebrate their marriage. Couples usually choose a quiet destination surrounded by nature and is the two of them. If what you wish is a private and cosy wedding this is your best option.

Some ideas

  • Wedding for two
  • Have a wedding honeymoon
  • Bomfire by the beach
  • City Hall
  • Horses on the beach
  • Nature and traditions
  • Keep it small

Additional tips

Be prepared but don’t justify,

The thought of how your love ones will feel or that you might hurt them if you elope is what always holds a couple from doing it but if it is what you really want to do for your weddings, just do it and don’t overthink it, the people that really loves your will eventually understand.

So be prepared that your family and friends might be hurt by not being there with you on your big day and give them time to acknowledge and be ready to share your joy.


A good thing to do for your love ones is a post-elopement party, so they don’t feel completely left behind and you can enjoy better your elopement. It is more common than you would think and sometimes you even celebrate another event with it, like an open house or even a baby shower.

Photography & Video

In an elopement the only witnesses of your marriage is normally only the two of you so to have it documented with pictures and/or video is a great idea.